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  2. With the proliferation of the internet and numerous powerful online promotion techniques, creating and distributing an excellent app is now an option to many. However, this also makes the digital landscape fiercer for mobile app publishers. Today, when promoting your app, you’re competing with 3.8 million Android apps and over 2 million iOS apps. Unsurprisingly, in the competitive mobile app development space, getting your app published is one thing, getting your app noticed is another. With the app marketing landscape the way it is, you need to have a robust app promotion plan that combines the most effective mobile app ASO and SEO practices. Why Combine Mobile App ASO And SEO? SEO is all about optimizing your site for search engines, while mobile app ASO applies to an app store for basically the same purpose. We can freely say that ASO and SEO are two different sides of the same coin. And, to reach their ultimate performance, they should be used together. Statistics say that Google is still one of the most important sources of app discoverability. So, if you don’t play by its rules and optimize your site for it, your rankings, traffic, and visibility will suffer. In other words, you will miss out on an opportunity to serve your app to the right people. On the other hand, app stores also serve as closed site search engines. So, it’s not that surprising that the idea behind mobile app ASO is similar to SEO – the higher your app ranks in the app store, the more visible it is to your target audience. As the line between desktop and mobile is getting blurrier, web marketing and app marketing is becoming merged. Marketers focus on providing exceptional user experience, be it via apps or web. The result is more active engagement with your prospects, who have the potential to become your loyal customers one day. As a result, mobile app ASO and SEO need to be two equally important aspects of your app promotion strategy. SEO Is The Foundation Of Mobile App ASO To get the most out of app promotion, don’t approach SEO and ASO as conflicting strategies. Organic search optimization is still the foundation of your online presence, and it needs to be an integral part of your mobile app ASO. Numerous SEO techniques can directly benefit your app store optimization. Some of them are: Keyword research and targeting. Keyword targeting is one of the most complex and delicate aspects of your SEO. Choose keywords carefully because they are the pillars of your online presence. Make sure you back up this process with the right keyword research tools or even invest in SEO consulting services. The optimization of your app name, title, and URL for your major keywords Generating app rating and reviews Using deep linking in your mobile app Indexation of your app on Google Click-through rate optimization Link building techniques One of the significant mistakes app developers make is underestimating the power of a quality, responsive website. In today’s competitive digital landscape, your website serves as your online portfolio. Your target audience uses your website to learn more about your app before downloading it; it should be as informative as possible. Also, it needs to guide them through the information seeking process, providing them with a personalized user experience and turning them into engaged prospects. Your website also helps you position yourself as an authority and a reliable source of information. Starting a blog and creating highly interactive and engaging content boosts app awareness and visibility. Most importantly, creating domain authority drives more web traffic and increases downloads. Improving Your In-App Store Techniques 63% of users discover apps via app stores, and not boosting your rankings in these channels means you’re giving up on a major promotional opportunity for your app. While the features of app stores vary, there are still some fundamental aspects of optimization you need to focus on: A meta title. Keep in mind that longer titles usually get truncated in the SERPs. You need to keep your meta title short, sweet, and memorable. Don’t forget to add your major keywords to it, too. Namely, the recent report shows that apps with a top-value keyword in their title rank 10.3% higher than those without a keyword. A meta description is a sort of a call to action for your target audience. Write your meta description in simple language, list your unique benefits, and inspire people to download your app. Make sure you add your major keywords to it and refurbish it every time you update your product page. App ratings and reviews are the validation of your app’s quality. As such, they boost your brand’s credibility. App keyword fields. When optimizing your app page for keywords, make sure you write your titles and descriptions for your target audience first. Your content is how you will entice users to download your app. Keep in mind that ranking algorithms take both keywords and your customer conversion into consideration. Screenshots and preview videos are important, as they bring your text to life and help your customers see the app before downloading it. App icon optimization. Just keep in mind that Google Play and the App Store have different standards for an icon’s ideal size, color, and geometry. iOS icons need to be at least 1024×1024 pixels, while Android ones are required to be 512×512 pixels. Update Your App Data Regularly The highest-ranking apps in app stores are those that are continually getting improved, such as changes in technology, feature improvements, or adding new user feedback. Making regular updates helps you build a positive brand image and trust among your target audience. The fact that you’re continually working on your app improvements and keeping your users up-to-date on them sets you apart from your competitors and even boosts your rankings in the app stores. Namely, both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store assess the consistency of app upgrades when ranking it.
  3. AR’s Practical Uses In Business Today AR applications seem to have evolved toward more practical business applications. For example, sportswear company Lacoste has an app that allows in-store shoppers to place their foot on a designated spot to view the shoes of their choice through their smartphone, showing product details, custom sizes and how it would look on the customer. And The New York Times used an AR app in connection with its 2018 Winter Olympics coverage to allow users to bring up athletes on the screen to explain their maneuvers just as those moves were taking place. The latest Apple iPad and Google smartphones feature enhanced AR capabilities through advances in camera technologies. And applications from companies like Warby Parker (virtual eyeglasses try-on) and IKEA (virtual furniture placement in rooms), among others, are providing enhanced AR experiences without the need for specialized hardware. Further, until this year, the primary method for installing or repairing a complex piece of industrial machinery was to have an expert from the machine’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) jump on a plane and fly out to service the company’s equipment on site. Then Covid-19 hit. One of its many consequences has been a sharp reduction in business travel. But the need to service sophisticated industrial equipment in factories, airline hangars, power plants, offshore oil platforms and other continuously operated facilities hasn’t declined. At TeamViewer, one of our solutions is remote virtual assistance and visual instructions enabled by AR. For many of the business leaders I’ve spoken with recently, AR has been the key solution for their equipment repairs during this time. The way this type of AI solution works is a technician at the facility, using only a smartphone with an AR app, can point their camera toward the machine while an expert views that image on their own device. Using a variety of techniques to highlight critical features of that image, including drop arrows, finger-drawn circles, graphics, colors, text, Internet of Things (IoT) data and more, the expert can talk the on-site technician through diagnostics, repair procedures, replacement part identification and any other support needed to enable on-site personnel and enhance the facility’s workflow. Sessions can be easily recorded and retained for step-by-step training and instruction for real-time use in similar situations at other locations. The Future Of AR In Workforce Training The way I see it, the AR capability is particularly important now due to the industrial world’s shifting workforce demographics. For one thing, many technically skilled workers are aging out of the workforce. As they leave, the decades of experience and expertise they had accumulated leave with them. Those who replace them, including millennials, contractors and workers retrained and recruited from other industries, simply don’t have the experience of older workers and, in many cases, can be more difficult to retain. Despite the much-touted journeys of digital transformation being undertaken by many companies, when it comes to their operations on the factory floor, manual manufacturing techniques often still rely on legacy tools and methods to capture information and share knowledge. A 2018 white paper by ARC Advisory Group noted that most workers on the factory floor remain disconnected from the rich informational ecosystem that the rest of the organization has come to rely on. By adopting AR solutions, the paper states, manufacturing organizations can empower their factory workers in training and guidance applications. By integrating AR, you can lead your team toward the democratization of knowledge and solve a key roadblock shared by logistics, manufacturing and field service: the experience gap. Based on my perspective in the industry, AR has moved well beyond the proof-of-concept stage, particularly where it involves guided manual assembly and maintenance. Using it, we can equip our young employees and newcomers to perform complex tasks, leading to reduced costs, higher quality and increased on-time delivery. To meet the growing demand, an ecosystem of AR devices powered by platforms being developed by IT giants is evolving rapidly. AR has now arrived in the industrial mainstream. In the next few years, I believe we will see it grow exponentially, transforming business processes and mitigating the knowledge gap resulting from today’s retiring generation of experienced workers.
  4. Over the past decades, computer technology has been developing with an extremely high exponential rate. Humanity develops the power of computer systems implementing their application into all spheres of our daily life (production, education, medicine, economics, etc.) using devices. So what is going on in the modern world? Thanks to the progress and continuous development of science and technology, the scope of problems to be solved is growing, and the sizes of these most used devices (computers) are decreasing. All devices are united in one giant network, the so-called Internet Of Things, which also includes people. Gartner says that by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices (any device with and without Internet access). Artificial Intelligence... What is it? Computers launch rockets into the space, control technological processes, provide security systems at enterprises - and this is only a small part of what can be listed. And now even your mobile can recognize your speech, make certain decisions, serve as a translator from one language into another one... All these things are based on the use of Artificial Intelligence as a whole methodology of computer systems in think-and-learn mode. What does it mean? Smart programs are being developed on the basis of knowledge and research of the mental potential and capabilities of the people themselves, and then are being implemented as built-in intellectual functions in various applications, including mobile ones. AI Features So could we assume before that computer programs/machines will be able to think, or in other words, have a certain level of thinking equivalent to the human one? Indeed, human intelligence, most likely, does not have the same computational speed as computers, but one thing is important - a human thinks abstractly, they can solve problems, leaving some details out of the account. In addition, the human intelligence can generate ideas, as well as introduce innovations. Let's start with the demarcation of programs with the presence of AI and without it. What is the difference between them, and what are the advantages of the former ones compared to the later ones? The advantages of the AI programs include the ability to respond to universal questions, excluding only specific ones, as in the case of the programs without AI; problem-free, namely easy and quick modification of certain informative parts of the program (algorithms) without modifying the entire structure. Benefits of AI In addition, in programs using AI, fewer errors and defects are allowed, since artificial intelligence is more universal than human intelligence. The most important thing to say is that the difference between AI and conventional programming is in the presence of "intelligence", in other words, the imitation of a certain level of human thinking. In that way, we avoid only the sequential execution of pre-programmed steps. For example, algorithms with artificial intelligence are used in such search engines as Google. Advanced artificial intelligence can be built on the basis of the so-called cognitive architecture, and individual modules in it can be responsible for functions such as eyesight, recognition and generation of speech, making decisions, attention and other aspects of the mind. Some companies teach us how to optimize prices and increase our sales and margins using Artificial Intelligence techniques and dynamic pricing. AI is designed to serve the public good: to moderate publications in social networks (for example, with its help on Facebook, publications that are relevant to the propaganda of terrorism are effectively deleted). In addition, artificial intelligence effectively filters photographs that contain inappropriate materials for publication, however offensive and angry publications are still a weak point of technology. Neural Networks One of the important achievements of recent years in the field of Artificial Intelligence research is Machine Learning, which reveals itself in technologies related to electronics (for example, voice synthesis or forecasting), aerospace (autopilot aircraft), automotive (self-guided cars), financial (activity related to the financial market: mortgage, real estate valuation, credit counseling, etc.), military (recognition of signals and images and autopilot) spheres, and are carried out by computer systems - neural networks. Neural Networks Everywhere... These neural networks (ANNs) are the so-called Machine Learning principle, which models the human brain and consists of a number of artificial neurons, but the neuron in ANN, as a rule, has fewer compounds than the biological one. Indeed we do not even notice that neural networks are present in our everyday life, for example: at the mail (automatic address recognition and mail sorting), in banks (automatic reader checks, signature authentication systems, customer service, automatic voice recognition), when using digital cameras (automatic face detection and focusing), in computer games (smart symbols/agents). As you know, Google and Microsoft have updated their applications for translation with the addition of neural networks (New AI-powered offline language packs for the Translator apps for Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire). Thus, machine translation based on neural network algorithms has become more qualitative, and its work can be carried out offline. Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Applications What is the potential of such technology development, particularly in the field of mobile applications? A close attention to the study of artificial intelligence is paid by the part of scientists from US universities. The importance of this research was caused by the analysis of the impact of the development of new technologies on human life in terms of its safety, psychology, social structure and other spheres. Specialists in the field of development of new technologies suppose that Artificial Intelligence, as a symbiosis of science and technology, will later become an integral part of all branches of everyday life, for example, games, speech recognition, handwriting recognition and smart robots, where the last ones have special sensors that identify physical data. Types of Artificial Intelligence Thanks to technological progress in the field of Machine Learning and intelligent modeling, as well as sensors and cloud solutions, combining Artificial Intelligence with mobility - Artificial Intelligence in mobile technology has become a reality. The three types of artificial intelligence that are used in mobile applications include: weak - NAI (Narrow Artificial Intelligence, for example, IOS Siri for the iPhone, Google's Translation Engine); strong AIG (Artificial General Intelligence) and ASI (Artificial Superintelligence). [Source] The type of ASI can be attributed to the situation when computers/machines can simulate human thoughts, in other words, when the cognitive ability of machines will surpass humans. Regarding this, there were two opposing points of view on the development of ASI: on the one hand, Stephen Hawking believed that the full development of AI is dangerous for humanity, and on the other hand, Demis Hassabis, co-founder and CEO of DeepMind, argues that the smarter AI is designed to help humanity. Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Mobility Now, the use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications is growing, as its application, first of all, makes a person's life easier and better, and also economizes the time. AI changes the boundaries of its stay: you can find it not only in laboratories but also in our everyday life as a GPS, in energy networks, in the online world. Examples of AI-Applications If you are the owner of an Android smartphone, you have a virtual assistant in your hands that can perform several tasks simultaneously, such as sending messages, scheduling, using the e-mail, etc. Among the Artificial Intelligence mobile apps that you can use on Android smartphone, you can specify the following ones: voice assistant on the road with AI Robin, which reads text messages, information on the terrain, GPS navigation; Google Smart App for smart messages that helps you solve your problems; also voice assistant for sending emails from AI Cortana to Windows users; a voice search engine and assistant Hound, which allows you to easily and quickly get the information you need. In order to receive the current smart news feed, you can use Recent - the application, based on AI. The advantage of this application is that it memorizes your preferences and offers you topics and articles that you might want to read. Among mobile applications with AI, the one that is worth knowing about is the Prisma application. Its sophisticated technology offers users to create masterpieces from their photos and videos. In addition, the artificial intelligence in smartphones is presented as an AI-camera that is used for scene recognition. With the increase in processing power in the field of Computer Science, more sophisticated data analysis algorithms have been created. According to Kdnuggets: 2018 is considered to be the best year for creating a startup based on artificial intelligence. You can find the evidence of it in practice, for instance the Tetra application, which simultaneously makes detailed text entries in the course of a telephone conversation. Where to Start When Starting a Mobile Application Based on AI... According to Forbes magazine article [link], which is based on Forrester's TechRadar report, the number of enterprises using AI in 2018 has increased to 62%. So how to become one of them? How to choose the right technology with AI for your mobile? 8 AI Technologies That Can be Used in a Mobile Application If your application is about customer service, for example, creating reports and market reviews, you need to use a natural language technology (Natural Language Generation). It is offered by such companies as Attivio, Automated Insights, Cambridge Semantics, Digital Reasoning, Lucidworks, Narrative Science, SAS and Yseop. One of the popular technologies used in interactive voice control systems and mobile applications is Speech Recognition Technology. This technology, for example, the Siri or Cortana system, allows decoding and transforming human speech into a format that is understandable to a computer. NICE, Nuance Communications, OpenText and Verint Systems are among the companies that offer such services. If you plan to have a business application that has to be able to interact with people online, to contain feedback from the user or the online community, in other words, to use chat bots or voice managers, then you will be assisted by Virtual Agents. Amazon, Apple, Artificial Solutions, Assist AI, Creative Virtual, Google, IBM, IPsoft, Microsoft and Satisfi offer the use of such technologies. Suppose your application is corporate, and also used for forecasting and classification, you should implement Machine Learning platforms based on Machine Learning (ML). Companies associated with the sale of this type of ML technology are Amazon, Fractal Analytics, Google,, Microsoft, SAS and Skytree. These tech giants propose a wide selection of software and tools with AI for developers. Biometrics is a technology that allows you to identify, measure and analyze human behavior and physical aspects of structure and shape of the body through work with images, sensory recognition, voice and gesture control. It is used mainly in marketing research (3VR, Affectiva, Agnitio, FaceFirst, Sensory, Synqera, Tahzoo). Text Analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology allows you to find the information you need in search engines, generate news, structure solid text. This technology is currently used for security and fraud detection systems. The most popular ones are Basis Technology, Coveo, Expert System, Indico, Knime, Lexalytics, Linguamatics, Mindbreeze, Sinequa, Stratifyd and Synapsify. Another interesting technology that allows the software to «read» emotions from the human face with the help of advanced image processing or audio data is Emotion Recognition, so human senses are captured through subtle speech signals and voice intonation. This tool is widely popular among start-ups like Beyond Verbal, nViso, Emotion AI and Affectiva. And, finally, in your mobile application, you can successfully use Image Recognition technology based on the process of identifying and detecting an object/function in a digital image or a video. IR technology can be used to detect license plates, to diagnose diseases, to analyze clients, to verify users by their faces. Companies that use IR include: Clarifai, which provides image recognition systems for customers; SenseTime, which develops the technology of face recognition, that can be applied to the analysis of payments and images for checking bank cards. When you run the application, you should also pay attention to serverless computing. When building some functions in your application, you can create each one as a serverless calculation written in different programming languages: Java, Ruby, JavaScript, or Python. Therefore, the application server that runs with the code does not exist, and these functions are created and executed as needed. To avoid problems, such as the failure of one function in a chain, find cloud services and open source tools. In this way you can manage the programming, debugging and life-cycle management of serverless functions, and also test them on a laptop, a pre-server or any cloud. 8 Tips to Develop AI Mobile App And now let's define common tips when developing a mobile app with Artificial Intelligence. When starting a startup, ask yourself questions related to your idea: Decide what to do, what problem to solve and for whom. How unique and in demand is your idea in the current market? Who and what are your competitors? An important question is: what is the history of the market? You should consider that startups are divided into two types: «horizontal» and «vertical». The difference between them is that the former ones are aimed at developing one fundamental problem, which takes a lot of time and resources, so this development model is inherent in large companies. The latter ones are engaged in the search for a solution to one highly specialized task for a particular consumer. Most likely, your application will have to do with a vertical task, which is not bad due to the possibility of rapid development in a short time. Watch the market for your startup: indeed, besides studying the market, you should constantly be in the know, be like a duck to water. Given the rapidly growing digital market, the following strategies are currently relevant: providing mobile data access, integrating applications with legacy systems, implementing an API-based architecture, and adopting flexible development methods. In addition, create a web page or a blog describing how you use artificial intelligence to make your application more attractive for users. To create your visual content from the written, you can use tools such as Wibbitz, SaaS, which will help you create, for example, a video with the technology of producing video AI in just a few minutes. You can also use the Wordsmith tool, which is created by Automated Insights - it uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to generate news on the basis of incoming data. Brands such as USA Today, Hearst and CBS already use AI to create their content. Deep learning of your ideas. Immerse yourself in the development of your idea of the mobile application completely. To do this, it is necessary to conduct advanced analytics (in this case, it is the use of machine learning in order to automate the preparation of data, as well as to find the necessary information). It is well known that one of the tech trends of recent years is the combination of smart applications and analytics. As Garner says: over the next few years, every service application will include artificial intelligence at a certain level. AI has become the next major battlefield in a wide range of software and services markets, including aspects of ERP. As you can see, intelligent applications also create a new intellectual intermediate level between people and systems and can transform the nature of work and the structure of the workplace. The main thesis is that extended analytics is a special strategic area in which Machine Learning is used to automate the preparation of data, search for information and sharing of information for a wide range of business users, operational workers, developers and scientists. In addition to developing your application, pay attention to the design, to what your product will be «wrapped in». Let the journey along your application be exciting and the design to be backed up by convenient navigation. Identify the strengths of your artificial intelligence app developments, their functions, their advantages and attractiveness to the user; let your application become indispensable in everyday use for a person. Do not refuse pre-testing (manual or automated) of your product. It will allow you to identify the weaknesses of your product in order to work hard to eliminate them. It is an ordinary process: if at the stage of product launch you identify a number of errors and bugs, you can eliminate them in the shortest possible time with the help of application updates. Try on the role of the user of your application, which will allow you to objectively assess the importance of a particular problem, internal functions and tools. Let the introduction of AI, namely, the use AI in mobile app, despite the complexity of this process, be technically elegant, since the user is not interested in this aspect of the issue, they are concerned about how convenient your application is and whether it solves their problems. And finally... In fact, the current period, the period of integration of Artificial Intelligence into the latest technologies, including mobile ones and even our everyday life, can be called a revolutionary era. And the main task of AI is to make computer networks more «smart» by coordinating the work of all devices, tools, connecting sensors and networks, using it (AI) as a way to increase human activity, and not just as a way of replacing people. So we have come to the conclusion that the integration of Artificial Intelligence into everyday life is thrusting confidently forward. Indeed, the extent to which Artificial Intelligence comes into the life of mankind gives a lot of new challenges to people, and it entails many risks. Further integration of AI in new mobile applications will give a new impetus to new opportunities: smart interaction, deep personalization, special opinion, intellectual answers.
  5. Every android phone will have a minimum of ten to fifteen applications present for different tasks. Be it social media, games, or any other application; every application follows through a process of development before it is ready for use. The process of creating a mobile application for any purpose or goal for Android devices is called the Android app development. The android development process is quite a tedious and complex one that involves the use of codes and programming languages using the Android software development kit, otherwise referred to as SDK. In a sense, we can say android apps are "written" when we refer to development. Writing these apps is important and vital to the improvement of technology and bringing the world together as one global village. The variety in-app availability through app development makes using mobile phones fun and exciting, satisfying your every need. Although Android development is almost always concluded exclusively to entail mobile application development, it is more than that. Not only phones or mobile devices run on the Android operating system. There are Smart TVs, home appliances, medical devices that utilize the Android operating system for their operation. In other words, app development for android is not only for mobile phone use. This is why android app development needs to bloom. Android App Development Process The process of developing an app will include the pre-development phase, which is pitching an app idea, creating and development phase, which will include all processes from conceptualizing the base blueprint of frame of the application to testing, and the final phase is the app post-deployment. To make this easier for you to understand, let's take these three phases into an eight-step process that can be applied to any android application development process. These eight steps include: Conceptualization Every app always starts as a thought or an idea in anyone's mind. It could be the developer or any random person's idea for a business, day-to-day personal tasks, or maybe even a gaming idea. Turning this idea into a well-thought grounded concept, which is the foundation of development, is the first step in developing an app. The question of "What purpose or solution does this app serve" should be answered in this step. The intrinsics of features present in the application and the necessary groundwork necessary for all other steps are foresighted in this step process. Developing A Wireframe Like building a home, a blueprint is necessary to view the architectural structure of the building. This is the same purpose developing a wireframe for your app serves. It is a blueprint which maps out the general vision of the app and helps you see the integral aspects and cost-intensive processes that will occur. Feasibility Assessment After developing a blueprint of what your app will look like, a feasibility assessment is sourcing for the tools and looking into the technical complexities that are required for the development. It is all research done to measure the possibility of development. This is like where the fairytale idea of a blueprint turns into a full-fleshed process that is either feasible or not. Here, every aspect of the app, from software to hardware, is looked into. Extensive research is done on the functionalities and the technical requirements the app will require. Once a feasibility assessment is carried out, then the app is ready for design. Design Every app is a cumulation of a back-end and front-end designing process. The app's design is building the visual outlook and user interface of the application, usually by a User Experience (UX) Designer and UI Designer. You get to see how your app will look like in this phase. This multi-step process is quite essential, especially before functionality and prototype development. It is the customer satisfaction step process of app development, be it mobile application development or not. Development All the lines of codes put into creating the functionality of the design created are done in the development proper. This is where the actual writing takes place. This phase comprises various cycles and test processes to ensure that the application "functions" in the tasks it is built and developed for. Usually, the development process is such a broad scope of work, especially with multifunctional applications with a broad scope. So, developers are keen to break down the process into smaller bits, tackled and tested in a repeated cycle till the development is complete. Testing Knowing how the user interface, security, speed, and other functionalities of the app are fairing in relation to its use and stability is what testing is. This will aid in the discovery of bugs that require fixing. It is necessary to test an application before deployment to eliminate avoidable issues and save costs. Deployment may be delayed, but skipping the testing phase is setting your app up for failure. Deployment A lot of mobile apps are deployed on Google PlayStore for accessibility for download. Deployment is the release of the application for use. The deployment stage will involve the submission for approval, rights, and policy development and implementation amongst many other plans that need to be systematically planned before it is then released to the public for download for use. Take note that this is not where development ends. Post-Deployment Apps are like children, as children grow, so do apps too. Continuous updates for an improved user interface, better security, faster processing, and additional features are necessary to keep the functionalities running. In a sense, developing an app may never end, as updating is a continuous process. Apps For Phones, Tablets, and TVs Android is still the most popular operating system for smart devices and is present in Smart TVs, mobile phones, and tablets. It may be evident that there will be an obvious difference between Smart TVs and mobile devices. However, is there a difference in the development of apps for tablets and phones? Let's take a more in-depth look into the app development for these devices. Apps For Phones Apps for phones are developed in such a way to help users navigate efficiently and perform all necessary functions at any point in time. The speed and optimum functionality are required for consideration when dealing with a mobile application for Android phone devices. The screen is smaller compare to tablets and TVs. Therefore a portrait mode design specialisation is preferred. Other user interface and design technicalities in terms of storage capacity and speed are considered in order to create the best mobile application ranking at the top. Apps For Tablets Although tablets run on typical android os and the mobile development Android functions are typically the same in phones, there is a difference in the app development. The difference in the mobile application development of apps on tablets is seen in the user interface. A well-developed UI that will accommodate the wide size and optimize layout in tablets large screen is necessary. The font and touch targets are also featured to take into consideration in the mobile application development for tablet applications. Navigation must be easy to control, so as not to inconvenience a user holding their tablet. Elimination of features on the tablet apps that are not compatible as it would have been on the phone is also considered in the design. Like in TV apps, tablet design is different from mobile as the features must be optimised for the best advantage to the users. Apps For Smart TVs Technology advancing brought about Android TV, where you can access the internet and use apps from the comfort of your couch. High-resolution TVs with smart features are usually the models which can accommodate Android OS. The apps developed for smart TVs are quite different from typical mobile application development. The user interface and design are specialized to ensure that navigation is done in a simple click. The app's design has to be in such a way that texts will be kept to the bare minimum and must be viewable from a long distance. An appropriate layout sizing is utilized to make viewing easy on the eyes. The depth of color and contrast of the background is necessary to make users understand functions. Apps for TVs are developed for easy navigation in a simple design with landscape orientation to accomplish the size and resolution of the TV and make it easy for a user to navigate between screens and pages in the application. Android App Development Cost The cost of android app development is usually dependent on the features and the broad functionality of its use. The more complex and detailed the problems your app will provide a solution to, the more extensive the price range. There are several factors to consider when costing that there is no defined rate for app building. The variabilities in cost will depend on the design, the features, the testing, the update, and support. Therefore it is quite complex to determine the cost on an average. To find out the exact price and estimate, send us a mail, and we'll provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of how much it will turn to take your idea into a fully functioning application.
  6. Through the conclusive decade, application development has risen as the finest and profitable business in the market. Presently a vast number of applications are available on stores, be it Apple or Google. Users use the app to manage their daily errands with it or for an entertainment basis. Developers made frequent updates and introduced new apps in the digitalisation world, which meets the demand of users. There are countless reasons why users prefer iOS apps over Android apps. On the App Store, the submission process is severe that ensures the users to avail high-quality services. Most importantly, for Apple company user privacy is the utmost significant concern. At last, iOS apps are easy and straightforward to operate. Thus, during the iOS app development, the developer should work hard and introduce a standout product. Apple uses iOS, which is an operating system that runs on the computing device of Apple-like iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and any other devices. Luckily Apple provides several tools and other reserves for app development in the iOS devices. For iOS app development, a programmer should be aware of native programming languages such as Build Cross-Platform and Objective-C or Swift. For iOS application development, you require a Mac system running with the advanced Xcode version. Xcode is defined as a graphic interface that uses to write an iOS application. App development for iOS can be done through a swift programming language. However, there are other methods as well through which you can develop an iOS application. If you are a developer, then the process would be simple for you, but if you want to approach another freelancer or agency, then be prepared to confront app development cost. Therefore, we are moving to comprehend more about iOS app development. iOS App Development Process iOS app development pursues the conventional structure that begins with planning, pursued by design and developing phase of the application, the app's test stage before its launch in the market, and other outlay steps until it launches on the App Store. Though in actual, the process of app development for iOS is not easy. The programmer has to look after all the iOS application development rules thoroughly to build secure data, privacy loaded, and user-friendly applications for an outstanding experience. Hence, developers must execute the mentioned set of rules in Apple company's policy, which helps them build a successful product. Below we explain all the phases of app development in brief. 1. Preliminary, create steps for iOS app development Planning Planning is crucial for any start-up; a developer should be clear about its focus, target audience, and other application functions. Research & Analysis As you know, a hefty competition is going on a digital platform as well. Therefore, market research and analyses are crucial in finding your competitors and other apps standing in the Que. Make sure your app gets downloaded various times for a boost. Assent with the codes of app store Although the creation of the iOS app is modest, yet it requires compliance from Apple plays store. To publish your app for users, make sure it meets the Apple company's guidelines regarding design, safety, user friendly, privacy, and other facets. 2. Design the application for iOS Idea & Wireframing Your idea of developing an iOS application should be clear in your mind that addresses the developer team. Based on their notion, the team will prepare blueprints and other layouts with the application's look. This stage has an influential role in the app process as the foundation lies in it. UI & UX Design It is the cue of building an iOS app, with this step developer ascertain the app's look and user experience. At this stage, the programmer's motive is to achieve both aspects of the pictorial inducement and simple navigation. Both UI & UX should assent the requirement of apple's guidelines. Software Architecture Software architecture planning is also one of the essential aspects of designing which besides UI & UX. It is mainly accountable for three factors of model view controller (MVC) data, user, and software. It comprises those gauges which are credible for scalability & resilience of application. 3. Bind required phases in the building of iOS app Backend development The backend development team is credible for the functionality of an app. It entails the whole server-side expansion, I.e., supervision & functionality, authentication of the user account, management of accounts, push notifications, the integrity of the third party for social media platforms and user experience. APIs API stands for Application Programming Interface, a link between mobile app development's front and back end. It is the core form of components in the process of iOS app development. Frontend development The front end side promptly interacts with the user as it is the part of the app. It implicates programming, numerous design components such as wireframes and database synchronization, mock-ups, caching. Developed front end the side allows the smooth user experience over several screen sizes and susceptibility. Points to contemplate during the development of iOS Before beginning the virtual development, choose a fitting technology heap for iOS app development. Also, selecting an adequate programming language subsists integral. Sampling and finishing the development process of iOS application After completing all the vital and technical parts of the iOS app assembly and other phases, the subsequent stage is QA testing to analyze its quality. Reviewing and Testing are considered a vital step contrariwise. It will create obstacles in submitting the app development process and clearance of the Apple play store. The developer must evaluate the application before its launch on the platform of Apple plays store. App upsurge performance, smooth user experience, optimal memory space, data security, debugging, and thorough examination of abidance with Apple's norms form. After examining the iOS app and assuring the performance, you can submit your developed app to the Apple play store for the following analysis and permission. This process may take a few days or a couple of weeks to receive an acknowledgment and approval from your mobile application's end. Benefits of iOS app development in iPad & iPhone The selection of OS has its vital part when it is about app development. However, the controversy is invariably between android and iOS. Here the target audience will support you in introducing new products on the iOS platform. We would like to bring toast on the table, why you should develop iOS application for iPad and iPhones. iOS has a faster system than Android gadgets, and the app operates smoothly without any obstacles. Surprisingly, the iPad and iPhone have uniform functions, but android operates oppositely hinging on the device and model type. This makes iOS a better option for simple usage. Even all the iOS applications can be used in Mac OS devices as well. Furthermore, iOS applications can be transmitted with friends and family through the iOS device, but it can't be done through any android device. Industries & iOS app development Several industries over the world are seeking routes to promote their business and profit quickly. Therefore nothing can beat mobile app these days. The modern world has evolving that takes technology on a different level and is shaped into a new form. With its advanced purposes, businesses are acquiring it and availing an enormous number of privileges. Healthcare Due to hectic schedules, patients and doctors can now connect over mobile applications, which is considered the most convenient way. Over the play store, thousands of healthcare & fitness apps have collected many audience members who have been connected with them. It also guides you in meditation, health check-ups, exercise, etc. It becomes a popular source of healthcare. E-commerce Shopping has become an easy task with a simple click. You can place your order, which describes you the track of your order. Several shopping applications are available on the play store, which users install in their iPhones or iPads for better convenience. With the help of the modest app, users can browse unlimited products and services. iOS app development cost The iOS app development cost depends on the hours used to build an iPhone and iPad application, and on the features and the broad functionality of its use. The more complex and detailed the problems your app will provide a solution to, the more extensive the price range. There are several factors to consider when costing that there is no defined rate for iOS app development. The variabilities in cost will depend on the design, the features, the testing, the update, and support. To find out the exact price and estimate, send us a mail, and we'll provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of how much it will turn to take your idea into a fully functioning application.
  7. Do you ever question how Elon Musk gets the Tesla to drive on its own? Have you ever wondered how betting applications work? Or how some finance applications can derive investment predictions from the simple raw data imputed into them? Don't fret! It is not some miracle happening, it is only Machine Learning. Yes! You read that right, computer programs are now being developed to learn. So, let's get down into the intricacies. Machine Learning is simply the deliberate programming of software applications that gives the system the ability to learn and improve on its own by drawing out patterns from data imputed without explicitly directly told to do so. In short, Machine learning is an artificial intelligence algorithm deliberately programmed into software during development to make computers "think" for themselves by developing sequences and undirected concatenations with no directions given to do so. It involves improving a computer system by programming it to learn from experience and improve their performance. This is essentially how betting prediction application works. The use of this subclass of Artificial intelligence has skyrocketed technology into advanced levels and now, even mobile applications have begun to utilize machine learning. Mobile application developers use ML algorithms when building Android and iOS applications. Machine learning in mobile app is therefore not only peculiar to iOS as most will conclude but is also quite common in Android applications too. This trend of both machines learning iOS and machine learning android apps is so prominent; you see traces of the algorithm in your daily life. Filtering out messages and timeline suggestions are day to day machine learning applications to the mobile world. Machine Learning In Mobile Apps In Android and iOS phones, several applications use ML for functionality improving the user interface of these applications and customizing use to fit phone owners. The personalization of mobile application to the users' tastes, preferences, searches, location, and dislikes are all attributed to machine learning algorithms that have been embedded in different software. Not just personalized applications, but also businesses use this for branding and developing strategic plans for their progression and marketing. Although there will be a few tweaks and changes, machine learning android applications are quite similar to machine learning iOS applications. There are common applications present in both which work the same way in utilizing ML structures. Here are a few mobile applications on both Android and iOS operating system and their methods of manipulating ML to fit into their business goals and create a more user personalized experience for customers: 1. Tinder The quest for love online and meeting your soulmate is the one problem in millennials' lives Tinder hopes to play fairy godmother on. But how does the fairy godmother actually pair up soulmates together and make the perfect match? There is no surprise there that it is through Machine Learning! With ML algorithms, the measure at which your pictures in your gallery gets swiped left or right is used and manipulated to come up with potentially suitable matches. Simple codes translated to make the application choose Mr (s). Right is why millions and thousands of people around the world subscribe to this service Tinder provides. 2. Virtual Personal Assistants The rise of Siri and Google Assistant was a game-changer in smartphone technology. The creation of these personalized virtual assistants brought about a whole new market for the companies. Phones have so far become cocaine with millions of people addicted to their devices. Virtual assistants work with voice recognition and are designed to work according to their owners' specifications. Reminders can be made on daily activities and these data collected and stored improves the usability and purpose pf the assistants. From tasks given to Siri or GA, your search result, news preferences, and daily tasks are reorganized to suit your taste. All of these tasks and features only possible due to the presence of ML models within the application codes. 3. Email Customization of e-mail ads, detection, and blocking of spam mails, distribution of mails into different folders like social, updates, and promotions are due to the email's modification to learn adapting to user preferences and recognizing patterns of incoming texts. The machine learning abilities the mail has in conducting all these tasks are deliberately designed to make your life easier. Instead of users clustering through hundreds of unnecessary emails before finding important updates, the email software is designed in ML algorithms to distribute the mails in the order of importance. Spams from the suspicious website and email addresses are filtered through Multi-Layer Perceptron or C 4.5 Decision Tree Induction ML models. The models can detect malware and filter them out. This makes email services reliable and highly regarded by the majority of signed up users around the globe. 4. Social media Do you realize that suggestions of friends on Instagram and Facebook are common ML attributed task? Every search or query you make on any social media platform is data for the software. These data are translated through machine learning principles into information by the application and suggestions are made for you. Even advertisements popups are basically suggested from the data gotten through the types of products you like and the pages you frequent daily. Using social media has transformed from just connecting to the world and changed into the algorithm and lines of codes within the social media backend building blocks bringing the world to you. All of which is possible because of Machine Learning applications. The utilization of Machine learning in apps altered the whole business world. Every text, search query, and information typed into search engines, apps, and social media pages have become data used to personalize and make a better app for users. The importance of machine learning in apps cannot be overemphasized. Businesses can change the game of data analysis for strategic planning and sales approach. Machine Learning abilities can not only specialize app commands but take simple data and convert them into productive information without unnecessarily coding for such results. Not only restricted to search results on social media, but a more complex machine learning application is Snap Chat. Snapchat uses both "augmented reality and machine learning algorithms" for face recognition and filters. The ability to see between color contrasts and recognize a face, knowing where each facial feature is in order to apply filter properties is the algorithm property that makes ML unique Data Analysis Data analysis is intertwined with the functionalities machine learning offers. Data is simple in its form and is generated by applications daily. Each command made on a mobile application is data generated. The multiplication of each command by thousands of users cut across different countries and nations makes for bulk data known as "Big Data". This big data contains queries, information specific to clients by age, location, sex, and even financial expenses made on mobile stores. The conversion of these Big Data into useful information is what Data Analysis is all about. In today's world, whoever can understand the customers better is one's privy to receiving the most sales and getting ahead of the game. Data analysis application is very important and vital to the success of any mobile application. Understanding the features that are most preferred by customers is quite vital to improving UIX. It is almost impossible for updates on the app software to be made without all this information made. Customization of ads by the customer is only possible by analyzing the activities of the users on the mobile application. This is where Machine Learning in mobile application comes in. For there to be a proper understanding of your customer base and your user preferences, ML algorithms must be added to the development. Machine learning is a tool that indeliberately pinpoints the sequence and the presence of patterns in users' activities which in essence "data analysis". Big data analysis is only possible at a fast pace in real-time by the actions of Machine Learning. For improvement in the stability and reliability of applications, the large pool of data derived from customers has to be analyzed in real-time. This way, there are no surprises and unforeseen declines. Machine Learning is one very essential tool used in data analytics for applications. Recognizing your customer's needs through the data generated from monitoring real-time usage will have an effect on downloads and ad to sales conversions. Maintaining a good business with a mobile application begins with development. The development of mobile applications has to essentially incorporate in one way or the other, machine learning algorithm to make use better. What separates Netflix from Hulu or HBO Max, isn't the frequency of new film release. It is the ability of the Netflix interface to filter out movies by customers' preference and search queries and hence create a better experience for their users. YouTube app remains one of the world's biggest video platforms because of the recommendations abilities of the application. All of these cited examples are all machine learning in apps that are at the top of their games in data analysis and technology advantage. So, if you are therefore wondering if your app needs a machine-learning algorithm to ascertain its highest level of functionality, the answer is Yes!
  8. Ever used an app and loved the way the functionalities flow together with the color, layout, photos, and arrangement of the different features? If you have, then it is certain that the app in this scenario has an upscale quality UI and UX design. Mobile app design is simply the cumulation of every process and component of the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX) features of the application. Therefore, it encompasses details in color scheme, font, layout design, graphics, widgets, and buttons contained in the app. A UI designer is responsible for manipulating these components of mobile applications, either for android app design or iOS app design to give the user the most pleasurable view and comfortable interface for interacting with an application's functionality. The UI designer is responsible for the development of the mobile UI and UX model. Now, you may argue that the user interface and experience may not be as important as the backend functionality. However, be rest assured that how an application feels in the hands of a user will determine how best the features of the application are utilized. Mobile UI is key in translating codes and complicated functionalities into simple features a user can resonate with. What separates competing applications with similar features is the user experience and user interface. Users are more likely to go towards applications with a beautiful color scheme, easy-to-navigate widgets, and a layout that supports portrait and landscape modes in the best ways possible. As important as functionality is, the UI and UX of apps also matter too. Design of iOS and Android apps For mobile UI design, it is important to note that the android app design will differ from iOS app design. In totality, the design processes are the same, however, there are a lot of differences between the user interface and experience models for both apps. These differences are imperative to create applications that are most suited for app operators irrespective of what operating system in use. The first notable difference is the navigation. From the primary navigation to the secondary navigation buttons and the home buttons, mobile UI design for all apps are different from the iOS UI design. This can be attributed to the lack of Home-Menu-Back buttons at the bottom of the page, common to most android phones, and the middle buttons present in apple devices, i.e. until the removal in iPhone x. Navigating back and forth from each page in an application must be designed according to the operating system to essentially make it easier for users. Another major difference in design is the screen size. Although both Android and iOS majorly use an 8dp grid to build their screen structure, the size of icons is quite different. This is so space is for the best view. Android apps design varies in regards to icon size according to the range of the phone in use. For xxxhigh DPI phones, the icon size is usually 192 x 192px compared to 120 x 120 on iPhone 11 and 8. The font of both apps is also different. In iOS app design, Helvetica Neue font or San Francisco is chosen while in Android, Roboto is utilized. Of course, Android enables users to change their font, and is important to note this when designing your application. The space efficiency is dependent on what font is in use and chosen according to which operating system the UI design is for. Other differences include the control design, alerts, tabs, and layout which are important to note during the application design process. Designing an app that will have an iOS variant and an Android variant is quite tedious, especially since mistakes will not go unnoticed by users. Comparing the home screen side by side and making a wireframe from the specifications on the respective operating systems, taking absolute note of the differences which exist between the two, will help in building the design of the mobile application. If this is stressful and proves tedious, there are templates specifically made for iOS app design and android app design. Mobile app design templates It might be difficult to start building and developing a mobile UI design from scratch. Trying to figure out the intrinsic of the application from the typography features to the widgets, control design, amongst other important components of the application is hard and tedious. It could take weeks and even months, arranging and sorting the pages within the application one by one. So, for better-optimized use of time and resources, it is more advisable to go with a template. From a template, it is easier to reshape and rebuild them into your preferred style but the basic components and features have been created in advance, therefore the workload is exponentially reduced to a significant amount. At Working Geeks, we do not sell common templates with bland features but create templates that are best suited for your needs. Our team of competent UI designers transforms clients' requests using the business model to optimize the user interface and user experience to ensure the functionalities are interpreted properly and utilized in the best ways possible. Mobile app design and development Designing is the third step of mobile app development and creates a foundational template for the functionalities that are coded in the backend of your application. That is to say, messing up your application design will definitely adversely affect the application in production. It is important to have a laid down planned process for development to guarantee success and save time with resources. The first step in developing the design of a mobile application is critically taking time to define the "what", the "why" and "who". Why do you need to develop a mobile application? Who will the mobile app be best suited for? What are the necessary components that will satisfy both the purpose and fit in with the customer experience? When all these questions are answered, designing becomes easy. Tailor the answers in a simple prototype that'll fit into the user features. The focus of any UI and UX design is the user. No redundant information that'll take unnecessary space must be avoided. The language of the app should be developed for the demography the app is intended for. Creating a wireframe first outlining the specifics of the mobile app is the best and has received feedback from potential users is the next step after. This is the testing phase in the development stage. After getting clearance on the wireframe, the development and testing of the prototype follow. Testing the app UI and UX prototype will help identify the lapses in the design. Continuous testing and quality control will ensure that unnecessary cost is not spent on preventable updates. WorkingGeeks will develop your app design with all the features and components. We modify the design of your mobile application for optimized user experience. With the best technologies, our team of design experts provides the most appropriate design to fit in with the idea and purpose of your application. At every point in the design development, we carry our clients along with wireframes and prototypes sent for approval before the final is presented. Our development for both android and iOS UX design is timely and guarantees 100% success on customer experience. Mobile app design cost Like every other stage in app development, mobile application design comes at a cost. The cost of designing your mobile application is dependent on several factors. If you are choosing to go with native design, the cost will significantly decrease compared to having a custom design. Native designs are usually developed with UI and UX guidelines generic to the operating system of the application that is being developed. For example, they are specific features and components present in Android apps that are common to android devices alone. Going with native designs will not decrease the functionality of your application but will give it a bland visual appeal. If your budget on design is more robust, a custom design is ultimately more suitable for you. Custom designs are built from scratch and will take the expertise of a professional UIX designer with excellent graphic skills to pull off. The designs are not built specifically for any operating system, so it is easier to modify. Having a custom mobile app design is inherently costly and can range from $1000 - $10000. One other common variable in the pricing is the features contained within the design. Features like ad placement, app authorization, user accounts, multiple languages, layout for both tablet and mobile phones, search and filtering, will increase the cost of design development. Apart from the features, the location of the designer or design company also affects the pricing range. In all, choosing the best UI and UX design for your mobile application is vital to the success and reliability of the application on app stores across several mobile devices. You must always certify the necessity of the features of the design in advance to building the prototype.
  9. Глубоко во внутреннем ядре Земли, похоже, есть еще одно, еще более внутреннее ядро. «Традиционно нас учили, что Земля состоит из четырех основных слоев: коры, мантии, внешнего ядра и внутреннего ядра», — пояснила геофизик Австралийского национального университета Джоанн Стивенсон. Наши знания о том, что находится под земной корой, основаны главным образом на том, что показывают вулканы и сейсмические волны. Из этих косвенных наблюдений ученые подсчитали, что раскаленное внутреннее ядро с температурами, превышающими 5000 градусов по Цельсию (9000 по Фаренгейту), составляет лишь один процент от общего объема Земли. Теперь Стивенсон и его коллеги нашли больше доказательств того, что внутреннее ядро Земли может иметь два отдельных слоя. «Это очень интересно — и может означать, что нам придется переписывать учебники!» Команда использовала алгоритм поиска, чтобы просмотреть и сопоставить тысячи моделей внутреннего ядра с данными наблюдений за многие десятилетия о том, как долго сейсмические волны проходят через Землю, собранные Международным сейсмологическим центром. Так что там внизу? Команда изучила некоторые модели анизотропии внутреннего ядра — как различия в составе его материала меняют свойства сейсмических волн — и обнаружила, что некоторые из них более вероятны, чем другие. Это исследование не показало значительных изменений глубины во внутреннем ядре, но обнаружило изменение направления на угол в 54 градуса. «Мы нашли доказательства, которые могут указывать на изменение структуры железа, что предполагает, два отдельных периода похолодания в истории Земли», — сказал Стивенсон. Исследование опубликовано в Journal of Geophysical Research. Источник
  10. Разработка мобильных приложений - на чём писать и какие инструменты использовать. Разработка мобильных приложений сегодня это не только выгодный бизнес для веб студий и фрилансеров и для этого не совсем обязательно иметь в своей команде программистов, на просторах интернета достаточно сервисов, чтобы создать мобильное приложение, но что нужно знать и какие инструменты использовать новичкам при выборе фреймворков или конструкторов. ... Независимо от того, являетесь ли вы разработчиком, стартапом или профессионалом, важность разработки приложений должна быть вам ясна, когда дело доходит до продвижения вашего бренда, продукта или услуги. Бизнес по разработке приложений огромен, и, по данным Statista , к 2020 году прогнозируется , что мобильные приложения принесут около 188,9 миллиардов долларов США через магазины приложений и рекламу в приложениях с ожидаемым ежегодным ростом в 15%. Разработка приложений , как разработка любой другой программы, может быть совершенно непредсказуемой и затянувшийся. Именно по этой причине новички, как правило, теряются при создании приложений, а зачастую, весь процесс разработки приложений передается профессиональным веб студиям. Разработка приложений - процесс Первое, что нужно сделать, это решить - что на самом деле будет делать приложение, и начать с четкого представления о том, каким должно быть приложение. Как только это отсортировано, необходимое время (хотя оно сильно варьируется) может быть указано в неделях. Обычно это может занять около 18 недель, из которых 10 недель будут посвящены серверной разработке, а 8 недель - клиентской. Back-end разработка включает в себя: Управление учетной записью пользователя Пароли Интеграция данных с приложениями 3- й части Настройка взаимодействия с пользователем Дизайн для уведомлений приложения Дизайн Front-end включает в себя: Тестирование качества оптимизация Твики в пользовательском интерфейсе Обработка данных (например, локальное кэширование для повышения производительности) Синхронизация использования автономного приложения Разработка приложений - стоимость Стоимость разработки приложений очень тесно связана со сложностью приложения и зависит от множества факторов, таких как выбор платформы (веб, Android и iOS или какая-то комбинация из двух или всех трех), и даже может быть для планшета, включая платформы для смартфонов. Как правило, приложение без интеграции API, стандартных компонентов пользовательского интерфейса и внутреннего сервера (что означает довольно простое приложение) требует около 400 часов времени разработки. Среднему приложению с пользовательскими функциями интерфейса пользователя, адаптацией под планшеты, интеграцией API и внутренним сервером может потребоваться от 500 до 800 часов разработки. Для очень сложных приложений, которые могут иметь многоязычную поддержку, интеграцию сторонних приложений с настраиваемой анимацией, может потребоваться работоспособный внутренний сервер, который может занять от 800 до 1500 часов времени разработки. Существует ряд факторов, которые влияют на определение стоимости разработки для вашего приложения, и было бы полезно более подробно поговорить с профессионалами, которых вы нанимаете. Платформа без кодирования Вполне естественно, что финансовое состояние и возможности у всех разное, и для владельцев малого бизнеса или даже для стартапов оно будет существенно ниже. Они не могут нанять специализированную фирму высокого класса для создания приложений. Если вы не склонны практиковаться в разработке приложений, есть несколько вариантов программного обеспечения, которые могут сделать всю тяжелую работу за вас, и вам даже не нужно заниматься программированием. Точно так же, как была тенденция несколько лет назад, когда все создавали свои веб-сайты в домашних условиях, теперь компании выбирают для создания приложений готовые сервисы. Это особенно хорошо для приложений, которые являются менее сложными и легко могут быть освоены даже новичками. Появление и растущая популярность мобильных платформ изменили мобильную среду. Начнем с того, что приложения были разработаны с целью расширить охват бренда и перенести его в сферу смартфонов, но сегодня мобильные приложения направлены на обеспечение отличного пользовательского опыта на мобильных устройствах с большей целью проникновения на новые рынки, чтобы повысить продажи. Фреймворки для разработки мобильных приложений Frameworks - являются ядром разработки приложений, а их применение делает процесс разработки проще и более захватывающим. Они включают в себя много компонентов, главной целью которой является — помочь в создании приложений. Без них, программисты будут писать каждое приложение, которое хотят, с нуля и тратить на это гораздо больше времени. IONIC - предоставляет инструменты и услуги для разработки гибридных мобильных, настольных и прогрессивных веб-приложений на основе современных технологий и практик веб-разработки с использованием таких веб-технологий, как CSS , HTML5 и Sass . В частности, мобильные приложения могут создаваться с использованием этих веб-технологий, а затем распространяться через собственные магазины приложений для установки на устройства с использованием Cordova или Capacitor. Adobe PhoneGap - бесплатный open-source фреймворк для создания мобильных приложений, созданный Nitobi Software. Позволяет создать приложения для мобильных устройств используя JavaScript, HTML5 и CSS3, без необходимости знания «родных» языков программирования (например, Objective-C), под все мобильные операционные системы (iOS, Android, Bada и т. д.). Готовое приложение компилируется в виде установочных пакетов для каждой мобильной операционной системы. React Native - это платформа мобильных приложений с открытым исходным кодом, созданная Facebook . Он используется для разработки приложений для Android , iOS , Web и UWP, позволяя разработчикам использовать React наряду с возможностями собственной платформы. React Native не использует HTML или CSS . Вместо этого сообщения из потока JavaScript используются для управления собственными представлениями. React Native также позволяет разработчикам писать собственный код на таких языках, как Java для Android и Objective-C или Swift для iOS, что делает его еще более гибким. Фреймворки предоставляют ядро вашему будущему приложению, тем самым, правильно подобранный ресурс для использования в разработке необходимо тщательно изучить и принять решение. Один момент, который вы должны понимать — фреймворки практически все разные, и для этого нужно будет потратить не мало время, чтобы изучить документацию по использованию API, а потом уже остановиться и сделать выбор для будущего приложения, которое вы собираетесь создать. Конструкторы мобильных приложений без кодирования Что означает - конструктор мобильных приложений? Это сервис, который разработчики создали с целью упростить создание приложений и позволить любому неопытному пользователю создать приложение самому За основу используются фреймворки, такие как Ionic и PhoneGap, только программисты уже настроили всю необходимую среду и готовый функционал, поэтому, конечному пользователю нет необходимости изучать код. IBUILDAPP - Американский сервис с поддержкой русского языка. Хороший на наш взгляд инструмент, со многочисленными шаблонами на разные темы: недвижимость, кафе, рестораны, корпоративные и многое другое. Выбирайте готовый шаблон и начинайте создавать. Из минусов стоит отметить: не оптимизирован под российский рынок и высокий тариф. AppMachine - интересен тем, что разработчики не поленились и автоматизировали множество доступных процессов. Например ваш сайт, можно просто конвертировать в мобильное приложение, используя только URL. Есть интеграция с Facebook, Twitter и другими социальными сетями, RSS-каналами и каталогами изображений. Конструктор будет интересен для создания небольших приложений, но не подходит для бизнес и корпоративных решений. BiznessApps — это снова американская программа, в России её предоставляли по франшизе, которая подходит для создания мобильных приложений для малого бизнеса, но с ограничением на российском рынке. Конструктор имеет множество функций — заказ еды, электронный магазин, программа лояльности, интеграция сторонних данных, push-уведомления, аналитика и многое другое. Но тут вы не надейтесь уговорить разработчиков интегрировать российские платёжные системы, а без них, использование данного сервиса в России практически бесполезно. В Российском рунете сегодня достаточно много конструкторов мобильных приложений, но не стоит забывать, что 90% этих сервисов западные и не всегда будут вам полезны при создании приложений, которые используют персональные данные пользователей, онлайн платежи и т.д., тем самым, вы можете подвергнуть свой бизнес нарушениям Федерального закона 152 ФЗ «О персональных данных», а при использование приёма платежей в вашем приложении потребуется подключение онлайн кассы, Федеральный закон "О применении контрольно-кассовой техники при осуществлении расчетов в Российской Федерации" от 22.05.2003 N 54-ФЗ. Источник
  11. Эффективная работа SMM-специалиста во многом зависит от инструментов, которыми он владеет. Тенденции меняются, соцсети обновляются, появляются новейшие сервисы, и грамотный SMM-щик должен постоянно прокачивать навыки и развиваться, используя различные SMM сервисы для создания качественного цепляющего контента и продвижения. В подборке, составленной ниже, только нужное, актуальное и применяемое на деле. Все ссылки рабочие, открываются, а сервисы проверены на себе. Перечисленные варианты подойдут как для начинающих специалистов, так и для опытных. Ну, и самое главное – все это бесплатные SMM-сервисы, хотя в некоторых есть тарифные планы для тех, кому хочется еще больше расширить свои возможности. Создание картинок Создание гифок Для сохранения контента Для аналитики Фотостоки Видеостоки Бесплатные стоки с векторными изображениями Для создания текстов Для проведения конкурсов Для вдохновения Для организации работы SMM Создание картинок Канва – как «фотошоп», только проще. Это онлайн-редактор для работы с изображениями, с помощью которого создаем рекламные баннеры, обложки для «Фейсбука», на картинку добавляем текст. Есть бесплатные и платные функции, но даже с помощью бесплатно предлагаемых инструментов можно сделать отличный визуальный контент. Идеально подходит для наполнения Инстаграма. Крелло – графический онлайн-редактор, очень похож на сервис «Канва», но с другими шаблонами, которых более 25 тысяч. Есть возможность создавать анимационные картинки. Большая библиотека изображений. Лолмиксер– сервис придуман для того, чтобы создавать смешные мемы с котиками. Такого количества котов в одном месте вы еще не видели. На картинку можно добавить любой текст. Минус – приложение предлагает мало шрифтов. Создание гифок Гифмашина – генератор гифок, онлайн-редактор для видеорекламы. Бесплатно можно создать только несколько штук, для дальнейшего использования нужно зарегистрироваться. GFYcat – сервис, создающий гифки из видео, на которые накладывается музыка. Для сохранения контента Joxi – бесплатная программа для создания скриншотов, которая без проблем устанавливается, быстро работает, позволяет сохранять картинки, копировать ссылки на них. На скринах можно делать подчеркивания, использовать стрелки, зарисовывать выделенную область. Те, кто работает в «Фотошоп» знают, что иногда попадаются картинки с индексированными цветами. Такую картинку не изменить, не поменяв предварительно в «Фотошоп» режим отображения цветов. Чтобы не играться с этим, используем Joxi. Просто выделите область по периметру, сделайте скриншот, сохраните и работайте уже с самим скриншотом. RemoveBG – гениальный сайт, с помощью которого можно вырезать объект, удалив ненужный фон с фото значительно легче, чем в Photoshop. Края выходят плавные, рисунок четкий. Программа сохраняет фото в сыром формате psd, с которым потом легко работать. Проверка баннера на допустимое количество текста – функция для проверки рекламных изображений, которое определяет, пропустит ли Facebook и Instagram сделанный рекламный баннер. Если на картинке много текста, то реклама не будет допущена к показам или получаемый охват окажется слишком низким. Для аналитики UTMurl – генератор UTM-меток. Минималистичный, простой и полезный. AntiDogs – приложение «Анти-догс» выступает одним из важнейших сервисов аналитики SMM, т. к. показывает количество заблокированных участников. Отслеживать это очень важно. Если в группе будет много заблокированных участников, то на сообщество могут наложить санкции. RegVK – программа, которая позволит узнать id каждого пользователя в соцсети Вконтакте. Данная функция окажется полезной, если в постах нужно отвечать большому количеству пользователей сразу. Lookup-id – то же самое, только для Фейсбука. Displaypurposes – сервис для продвижения в соцсетях, подбирающий популярные хэштеги по ключевым словам. Версия англоязычная, но взаимодействует и с русскими хэштегами. Фотостоки Stock Up работает путем объединения нескольких бесплатных фотостоков. Один из самых удобных и часто используемых сервисов. Pixabay – фотосток, на который следует обратить внимание СММ-специалисту. Отличительная черта этого сервиса – хорошо воспринимает запросы на русском в отличие от других подобных программ. Содержит 1,5 миллиона различных фотографий, иллюстраций и векторных изображений. ISORepublic – бесплатный банк коммерческих фотографий и видеоролики с высоким разрешением. Видеостоки COVERR – отличный видеосток, с бесплатными видео. Все опубликованные видео можно использовать в коммерческих и некоммерческих целях, то есть не нужно спрашивать разрешения видеографа. Pexels – на этом видеостоке короткие настроенческие видео в бесплатном доступе. Storyblocks – библиотека этого видеостока содержит миллионы видеороликов в формате HD и 4К, отобранные вручную ведущими в данной отрасли видеографами, чтобы сделать яркой работу каждого SMM-специалиста. Vimeo – на этом видеостоке много контента со свободной лицензией. Бесплатные стоки с векторными изображениями Freepik – незаменимый сервис для SMM специалиста, а потому сразу сохраняйте этот сайт в закладки! Отличная база векторных изображений, картинок, фонов на любой вкус. Много бесплатного контента, но есть также и платный, для доступа к которому нужно получить «Премиум»-аккаунт. FlatIcon – больше двух миллионов бесплатных иконок в векторе, которые пригодятся для хайлайтов в Инстаграме, для кнопок или инфографики, а также для много другого. Для создания текстов Главред – программа, которая проверяет текст на качество. Качественный текст должен быть не менее 7-8 баллов по десятибалльной шкале Главреда. Данный сайт не проверяет орфографию и пунктуацию, а лишь избавляет текст от стоп-слов и заезженных штампов. Орфограф – а уже на этом сервисе проверяем орфографию. Для проведения конкурсов randomPromo – программа для определения победителя конкурса Вконтакте. По желанию выбирает сразу несколько победителей. Для участников предусмотрен просмотр подведения итогов в реальном времени. Giveawation – мощный SMM сервис для Instagram. Можно выбрать одного или несколько победителей, учитывая разные параметры: по лайкам, комментариям, подписке, выполнению дополнительных условий. Giveawation предлагает шаблоны для конкурсов, дает дельные советы, подходит для начинающих и опытных SMM-специалистов. Для вдохновения О Пинтересте знают многие, но не все умеют им пользоваться. А это невероятно вдохновляющий каталог идей с огромной базой фото, иллюстраций, коротких видео и текстов. Картинки можно сохранять, распределяя их по папкам, или скачивать. Нажимая на понравившееся фото, сайт каждый раз выдает похожие изображения. Таким образом, можно видеть очень много различного контента и находить все новые и подходящие изображения или фото. Сервис принимает запросы как на английском, так и на русском языке. Designspiration – необычные дизайнерские арты и иллюстрации. Сортируется по цветовой гамме. Запросы принимает исключительно на английском. Для организации работы SMM SMMplanner – лучший SMM сервис для отложенного постинга. Бесплатно можно ежемесячно публиковать 100 постов для Инстаграма, Фейсбука или ВКонтакте, а если уже занимаетесь SMM профессионально, то пакет «Начальный» с неограниченным постингом обойдется в 450 руб. за 1 мес. SMMplanner публикует подборки фото и текстовые посты по заранее составленному графику, ставит геолокацию, настраивает расписание проектов. Однозначно, планер – один из самых нужных сервисов в работе. – набирающий популярность сервис отложенного постинга. Имеет бесплатный и платные тарифы. На бесплатном тарифе есть ограничения по кол-ву постов и историй в месяц. Платные тарифы дают безлимитный постинг и стартуют от 250 рублей в месяц. Кроме публикации постов по расписанию есть статистика опубликованных постов и функционал «для вдохновения»: инфоповоды и поиск контента, что существенно облегчает работу по наполнения страниц контентом и оценки реакции аудитории на посты. Гугл-документы – также известный неизменный помощник в работе, который можно использовать как СММ-планер. Это как привычный Word и Excel, но только онлайн и с большими возможностями. Преимущества данного сервиса – бесплатный, вся информация хранится в облаке, простой обмен файлами, инструменты для коллективной работы, удобная история изменений, кроссплатформенность (работает с любой операционкой на любом устройстве). Если вы можете дополнить этот список или добавить важные детали по работе с приведенными в статье сервисами, то, пожалуйста, сделайте это в комментариях ниже. Источник
  12. 23 февраля не имеет собственной атрибутики: дарить картонные самолеты и танки, носки или наборы для бритья - примитивно и скучно. Между тем, выбрать правильный подарок на День защитника Отечества - решение стратегическое: ответный подарок на 8 марта получать всего через 2 недели. Современная жизнь облегчила задачу: в 21 веке для каждого, независимо от пола и возраста, найдется электронное устройство, подходящее на роль идеального подарка. Мы подобрали идеи нужных, актуальных, необычных и очень крутых новинок из мира гаджетов на любой бюджет - от 5 до 65 тысяч рублей. До 5 000 руб - Смарт-часы Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite Несколько месяцев назад компания Xiaomi представила модель Mi Watch Lite - смарт-часы для любителей спорта, способные заменить персонального тренера. Часы отслеживают вашу активность в течение дня, напоминают о тренировке, считают количество сожженных калорий, мониторят качество и продолжительность сна и учат правильно дышать. Ну и, разумеется, показывают время, прогноз погоды, уведомления приложений, входящие вызовы и сообщения. Аккумулятор достаточно заряжать раз в 9 дней, причем для полного заряда хватает всего двух часов. В часы встроен PPG-датчик, который точно измеряет пульс 24 часа в сутки. Умные часы составят статистику и пришлют уведомление, если заметят ухудшение состояния вашего здоровья. А система GPS + ГЛОНАСС в сочетании с целым набором смарт-датчиков отследит ваши маршруты, определит скорость и посчитает расстояние. И все это за 5 000 рублей! До 10 000 руб - Камера видеонаблюдения EZVIZ C6W Всегда полезно знать, что происходит в квартире в твое отсутствие. Обеспечить круглосуточное наблюдение за жилплощадью можно всего за 10 000 рублей - за такую сумму можно приобрести новинку компании EZVIZ - модель C6W, выпущенную в продажу всего пару месяцев назад. Помимо съемки в хорошем качестве и угла обзора в 360 градусов (то есть вообще без слепых зон), камера умеет распознавать объекты: как только в зоне видимости начнется движение, камера приблизит изображение, начнет следить за объектом и отправит видео вам на телефон в режиме реального времени. В камеру встроен микрофон, а значит, можно передать любое аудиосообщение или подготовить запись. Что важно - качество освещения в помещении для камеры не имеет значения, функция True-WDR отвечает за яркие и четкие изображения и в сумерках, и при ярком свете. Технические характеристики у камеры в полном порядке, дополнительных опций - достаточно, а настройка и управление очень простые - достаточно скачать на телефон мобильное приложение EZVIZ. До 15 000 руб - Беспроводные наушники Beats Powerbeats Pro Классика жанра и практически предмет первой необходимости - потребность в музыке дома, в магазине, в транспорте и в спортзале (то есть везде) вынуждает навсегда отказаться от проводов. Для спортсменов вопрос особо актуален: далеко не все модели выдерживают интенсивную тренировку. Идеальным выбором станут Beats Powerbeats Pro. Во-первых, они крепко держатся в ушах: в комплекте идет 4 насадки разных размеров, а сами наушники снабжены регулируемыми дужками. Во-вторых, снабжены усиленной защитой от пота и влаги. И самое главное - одной зарядки хватит на 9 часов прослушивания, зарядки футляра - на 24 часа (кстати, кабель для зарядки уже в комплекте), но даже это не так впечатляет, как система Fast Fuel: 5 минут подзарядки хватит на 1,5 часа непрерывной работы. Добавьте к этому чистый качественный звук, удобное управление кнопками на корпусе, поддержку голосовых команд, два микрофона для лучшего распознавания речи и надежное соединение с любым устройством, чтобы получить формулу идеального подарка. До 20 000 руб - Смартфон Infinix Note 8 Телефон в подарок должен быть, во-первых, функциональным, во-вторых, стильным, в-третьих, экономичным. Этим качествам соответствует игровой смартфон Infinix Note 8 – на российском рынке бренд совсем недавно, но уже успел произвести фурор и привлечь к себе внимание. По техническим характеристикам телефон вполне конкурентоспособен: вас убедят 64-МП камера с режимом Ultra Night Mode 2.0, производительный процессор MediaTek Helio G80 и 6,95-дюймовым экран, а также стильный дизайн. Отдельного внимания заслуживают названия цветов – корпус смартфона представлен в оттенках «вулканическое стекло», «безмятежный синий» и «ледяной алмаз». До 70 000 руб - Консоль Sony PlayStation 5 Новинка, о выходе которой невозможно не знать, даже если вы никогда не играли в приставку. Выхода PlayStation 5 ждали 8 лет, и оно действительно того стоило. Главное отличие от всех предыдущих моделей - обновленный геймпад DualSence. Он реагирует на каждое ваше движение и за счет вибрации, тактильных и звуковых эффектов дарит ощущение полного погружения в игровой мир: на каждый пропущенный удар отреагирует звуком и вибрацией, сымитирует тряску при беге или прыжках, и даже текстуры, и материалы - дождь или ветер вы почувствуете на своих руках. Рай для кинестетика! В техническом плане приставка не уступает профессиональным игровым компьютерам (для понимающих: восьмиядерный процессор на базе архитектуры AMD Zen 2, 36 вычислительных блоков, производительность в 10.28 терафлопс и специально разработанный твердотельный накопитель PCIe 4.0 NVMe на 825 ГБ). Изображение транслируется на экран в формате 4К, игры загружаются моментально, а заряда геймпада хватит минимум на 5 часов игры. Из неочевидных плюсов: не придется долго думать, что дарить на следующие праздники. К выпуску приставки приурочена линейка дополнительных аксессуаров: гарнитуры, контроллера, двойной камеры и зарядной станции. Консоль работает бесшумно, поддерживает игры со старых устройств, не перегревается и очень стильно выглядит! За дополнительной информацией вы можете обращаться к PR-менеджеру Малковой Виолетте [email protected] + 7 (921) 543-48-87 О компании EZVIZ EZVIZ - компания, основанная в 2013 году, является одним из лидеров в сфере видеонаблюдения и специализируется на создании оборудования для частных пользователей, малого и среднего бизнеса. Помимо линейки современных видеокамер для применения в доме, офисе или на производстве, под маркой представлена облачная платформа и услуги, предназначенные для создания «умных» комплексов видеонаблюдения. Залогом успеха EZVIZ являются строгие стандарты качества и инновационные технологии, известные во всем мире. Узнайте больше о компании и продукции на сайте
  13. Компания Google выпустила первую версию Android 12 для разработчиков. Ключевыми особенностями новой ОС стали улучшенная навигация с помощью жестов, расширенная поддержка мультимедийных форматов, обновлённый пользовательский интерфейс и другие полезные нововведения. Начиная с первой бета-версии Google принялась за обновление интерфейса мобильной ОС и улучшение пользовательского опыта. В частности, в иммерсивном режиме для вызова панели уведомлений или возврата к системе теперь требуется только один свайп вместо двух в Android 11. Кроме того, компания объединила пункты меню, связанные с автоблокировкой экрана и отслеживанием глаз пользователя для удобства настройки. Новый унифицированный API в составе операционки теперь позволяет извлекать контент из любого доступного источника, включая буфер обмена и приложение клавиатуры. Android 12 также получила поддержку формата AVIF, обеспечивающего лучшее качество изображения сравнительно с JPEG при том же размере файла. Заявляют разработчики и о поддержке HEVC. В свежей версии ОС также появится возможность делать «длинные» скриншоты — соответствующая функция уже есть в тестовой сборке, но пока неактивна. Новый редактор скриншотов позволяет быстро добавить к ним различный текст и эмодзи перед сохранением или отправкой. Особое внимание Google уделила мультимедийным функциям, включая элементы управления проигрывателем на экране блокировки. Кроме того, в Android 12 Developer Preview появилась функция быстрого запуска выбранного действия по двойному нажатию кнопки включения смартфона. В разделе настроек «Языки и ввод» пользователи теперь могут активировать виброотклик для подключённого игрового контроллера. В шторке быстрых настроек появилась возможность быстрой блокировки камеры и микрофона. Пользователи Pixel 5 и 4a не будут видеть вырез под камеру для селфи на экране благодаря меню Display Cutout. Список нововведений также включает: расширенное контекстное меню приложений, программные переключатели-«таблетки» новой формы, возможность делиться паролем Wi-Fi через функцию Nearby Share и новой сеткой размером 4x5 для Pixel Launcher. Также был проведён редизайн меню уведомлений — значки стали крупнее, а для действий вроде времени повтора напоминаний появились отдельные ползунки.
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