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    Professional next generation instant messenger designed to build a full cycle business interaction for teams of any size and type of organization.

    Rapid implementation and intuitive system management will enhance digital culture of your team. Achieve goals without changing existing business processes and with newly formed teams more efficiently.

    Casual messaging in a familiar interface. Share files, images, video and audio without relearn and readaptation.

    End-to-end encryption allows you to maintain a high level of privacy. All messages and files are encrypted both in transmission and storage on servers.

    You can use instant messenger on all modern smartphones and tablets as well as on your Windows PC and Mac. Web version is also available.

    Cloudbased or personal server solution
    Messenger can be used as a cloud system and as a corporate application deployed on your servers.

    Binding user and companies
    After registration any user can request access to connect with one or several companies from its administrators.

    Employee management
    Personal administration panel for every team. Add any number of users to your structures, distribute employees across departments, assign rights and roles using a flexible and intuitive toolkit.

    Creating structures
    Convenient units tree structure. Organize your teams into hierarchical cluster systems directly through the administration panel. Ensure the transparency of your project departments, branches and business practices.

    Temporary and permanent communication groups
    Management system for team communications. Create and manage groups with your personal admin panel or distribute the rights to manage group communication to authorized employees.

    News section
    With the help of integrated news feed system you can always keep up to date each and any your employees. Participants with a dedicated role have the opportunity to publish messages, indicating the groups of users for whom messages are intended. News reports are publications similar to the social network feed. Adjusting filters user can select the current channels, leave comments to messages and postpone individual publications to favorites.

    Tasks and execution control
    An effective system of setting and tracking tasks directly inside the messenger. Turn any messages into tasks right in chats with one click. Set deadlines, track statuses. All tasks are available in the message feed and in a special task section. Do not waste time on complex task trackers. Now tasks will become a natural part of your team communication.

  • Geolocation
    Your employees location can now be accessed through a request within the chat. Set permissions and let managers know exactly where are remote workers at any time. Send your geolocation to organize meetings or any other off-line activity.

    Personal and work space
    A clear division of personal and work areas allows employees to concentrate on their work during working hours, to have different contact lists and if necessary several separate work accounts with their roles and rights within each of them. Now even communicating with the same people, your messages on different issues will not be misinterpreted or confused.


    Company and Project Management

    You only need to try once and you can no longer imagine how to work without this tool.

    Successful business management is highly dependent on effective communication. The success of any business process depends on the communication between employees.


    Using the Universe you will be sure that all your orders have been understood and taken for execution. You can monitor the progress of each task you set.

    You will receive quality management not only at the С-level but at all levels of the company.




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